Wednesday, April 23, 2008

weekend fun

This weekend we spent in Tyler to celebrate 3 birthdays. This is definitely birthday month in the Burk/England/Lake family. On Saturday morning we went to Allie and Kaylee's soccer game (they are my sister's girls). Lilly had a great time running around and eating snacks during the game. We had a break for nap time and then had Drew's birthday party (my sister's son). They had it at the Sonic in Bullard and it was really fun. The kids loved playing in the sand and on the slides - Lilly and Drew had sand everywhere!:) We went back to my parents house and celebrated my dad's and Jody's (sister's husband) birthday. Whew! A very full day!

Lilly discovered a love for dress up in mine and Stephanie's old costumes. She loved how the sequins shined and how the fringe shaked and she loves wearing old jewelry.
Things new with Lilly:
1. She is feeding herself yogurt and applesauce (very messy, but she loves it)
2. She still loves to be outside (in the dirt or playing bubbles or picking up flowers and leaves)
3. She can bob up and down to music and clap her hands - she's got rythmn!
4. New words: Shoes, cheese, all right, momma very loud all the time, dado/dada, hi, bye, signs - all done, more, ball, eat, drink
A - is for eating messy applesause, gibbering the alphabet, accepting Brian and I no matter what, and our complete adoration

Monday, April 14, 2008

1st Interviews

Today was our first interview as a couple with Jan, the Director of AIM Adoptions. It went really well! She asked us both questions about ourselves and our parents, siblings, any struggles we have faced, and some about our infertility and road to adoption. We feel very blessed to have found an agency that really gets to know us on a deep level, who prays for us and with us, and gives us hope that they will find the perfect baby for our family. So, we are officially signed up with their agency and the next step is to fill out autobiographies (very in-depth about ourselves) and then an all day seminar on May 15th. Thanks for all your prayers!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


"The springtime sun is as yellow as a daffodil floating in a sea of blue."

It's been a while since I posted, but not a whole lot has been going on. Just normal everyday things with Brian, Lilly, and Dakota. We have really been enjoying being outside in this great weather! As far as adoption goes, we are in the middle of paperwork and more paperwork. Things are going well with this, just trying to do a little bit each night and during Lilly's nap. We are also reading some of the adoption books - right now "Dear Birthmother", kind of dispelling the myths of adoption. We went and saw Nina and Papa this weekend, Nina is hurt right now from a horse injury for those that do not know. Lilly always enjoys going there and seeing the cats and horses - she just wants to stay outside.

We are having some painting done this weekend - our chimney, laundry room, and the new nursery. Even though we won't be getting a baby for probably around 9 months, since the painter is going to be here, we decided to go ahead and have it painted as well.