Friday, January 14, 2011


We had a very nice Christmas this year.  Because we had just had a trip to Texas, we decided to have Christmas here with just the four of us.  We rented a cabin in the mountains of West Jefferson, NC and went up on Christmas Eve.  We took Santa presents and make Christmas cookies and had a wonderfully relaxing time.  We played games, watched movies and played in the snow! The kids and Brian got to sled behind the cabin – pretty funny seeing them!  It started snowing on Christmas morning and really snowed hard for two and half days straight – easily a foot or so of snow.  We opened presents with each set of grandparents via Skype before leaving for the cabin so they could see the kids open presents.  I felt like we could focus on Jesus’ birth and loved making these special memories with my family.IMG_0778IMG_0763 IMG_0814

IMG_0827 IMG_0828 IMG_0836 IMG_0851

Before Christmas Hudson had his Christmas program at school – he only made it halfway down the isle, saw me and started crying, and his teacher held him the whole time.  Oh well, he was just not into playing the bells this year!  IMG_0749 

Lilly had hers after Christmas due to a snow day before Christmas.  She did great and sang all the songs with gusto and knew all the motions!

    IMG_0863  IMG_0868

I still cannot believe how cold it is here – a complete shock to this Texan’s body.  It has been cold every day – not just a couple of days out of the year!  I actually ordered the kids snow suits on eBay so they can be warmer when we play outside in the snow. 

I am 16 weeks this week and doing good.  I am not so nauseas, but still very sleepy in the evenings.  Need to post belly pics soon – you can definitely tell now!