Thursday, March 26, 2009

4 Months!

Can you believe our little man is 4 months old? We went to the pedi yesterday and he is 14 pounds 3 oz and 24 inches long (wow!) He is holding his head up well now and likes to play with toys he can put in his mouth - quite slobbery (still loves to have his hands or blankets in his mouth, too!) He still loves to give smiles freely and people always say he is so handsome - I have to agree. He loves to eat - can you tell - the pedi said to hold off another month to start rice cereal and stick with formula for now. He likes to be on the go (just like Lilly did) - he even played bunco with mommy at MOPS this week - what a trooper! We have started putting him in the bumbo and exersaucer - he likes it okay.

Lilly is going to have her tonsils out on April 6th. We will stay one night since she is so little. They want to take out the growth on one of her tonsils and do a biopsy. Please pray for our little one - for the surgery to go well with a speedy recovery for a very active 2 year old and also for the biopsy to come back clear. We will keep you filled in on how that goes.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

been a while

So, it's been a while since my last post. Just thought I would write a little about what we have been up to. Everyone at our house has been passing around a cold, hopefully that will all go away soon! Brian's mom had surgery on her hand and is at home now and doing better, we will pray for a speedy recovery of our Nina! We went down to their house to visit last week and Beth, Johnny, and new niece Ruthie were there - it was so good to finally meet her, she is just precious and tiny! We took pictures of Ruthie next to Hudson and he looked so big, what a difference 3 months makes.

We also dog sat this last weekend for our friends Shana and Cody. Their dog Daisy is from the same mommy as our dog Dakota. So we had two chocolate labs running around in the house, pretty entertaining - Lilly and Hudson got a kick out of watching them.