Monday, July 28, 2008

High School Reunion

This weekend we were in Tyler for my high school reunion. On Saturday, my group of girlfriends and significant others (we called ourselves the L7 in high school) met out at Abbe's parents beautiful lakehouse. They had a great covered dock to play and Lilly even got to splash around a little bit. It was so nice to relax out there. That evening was the dinner at Holleytree. It was so funny to see everyone from high school - see who had changed and who had not, who had married who, and hear the latest news. Our group was glad to meet my newly engaged friend Kim's fiance, Jim. We all squished around the same table so we could visit and discuss the high school news.

I think I am one of the few who can say I had 7 very close Christian friends in high school that I still keep in touch with. We are all very different, but that is what makes our group fun. I loved catching up with you girls and feel blessed to have you in my life! Too funny - we all wore black and white!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some days in Tyler

So, Lilly and I took a road trip to Tyler on Sunday - Wednesday. We got there in time to go to my niece, Kaylee, 7th birthday party at Little Gym. That was fun and boy did those kids have tons of energy!

Monday, mom took off, and we did a few errands (got some things together for the adoption garage sale). In the afternoon, all the cousins were together to play. Lilly and Drew played in the dirt/mud and got covered from head to toe and we ended up hosing them down to get clean - they thought that was too funny!!

Tuesday, Steph, my sis and I got to hang out. I babysat Drew with Lilly for a bit and then we went swimming at Tyler Tennis. They had a blast - I did not bring my camera, but my sis and dad have pics I can post later. In the afternoon all the cousins hung out again - they all played so well together and really wore each other out playing chase.

It was so good to spend quality time with the family and have 2 family dinners. We missed Brian, though! We will be back in a week and a 1/2 for my 10 year high school reunion.

In my bible study, we have been focusing on being still. With a toddler, housework, and just life - this is so hard! I am such a doer and want to get everything done in my time, when I was hit hard with the realization, it is not my time, it is HIS! I need to be still and listen to His voice and to truly appreciate where I am right at this moment. With the adoption I have been so caught up in getting a baby that sometimes I forget to just enjoy my family of 3 right where we are. Watching Lilly over the past week, I realize she is growing up so fast, that I don't need to wish time to move faster, but continue to take mental pictures of each little moment, savor the point in time we are in right now, and BE STILL. We will get a baby in the future, I have no idea when, only God knows that. So, I need to rest in that and enjoy. "Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in all the earth."

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th and more!

This has been a busy holiday weekend. Brian and I went out on Thursday for our 6 year anniversary (which was on Sunday!) We went out to eat and then saw Get Smart with Steve Carrell. It was sooo funny! We had a great laugh! I love my husband and have had a wonderful 6 years with him!

Friday - July 4th - our neighborhood has a big celebration. They had a neighborhood band playing patriot songs and a parade with the boy/girl scouts, the fire truck and police cars, old timey cars, and lots of kids on decorated bikes, trikes, and strollers. They also had free hot dogs and chips/water and we said the pledge and sang the national anthem. Very Americana and we were so glad we went!
Satruday was the Burk family reunion in Centerville. It was fun seeing all of the family and Lilly had a blast playing and being outside most of the day. She looked very patriotic in her American flag outfit.

Monday was our home study for the adoption. It went really well - thanks for all your prayers and thoughts of us - I know we felt them. Jan, our social worker, was there from around 9:30-2. She saw Lilly with us for a little while, then Lilly went to Aunt Katy's to play. We talked alot about our marriage, communication, discipline styles, infertility and what to expect out of the adoption. We fed her lunch and dessert and then she took the tour around our house and was able to see where the new baby's nursery will be. We are so glad this part is over and now all that is left is praying and waiting for the right mom and baby to come along and pick our family. Please continue to pray for the mom and for her heart to be opened to us.

Lilly's first fingerpainting - what a masterpiece!