Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Burk Visit/Outer Banks

This past week, Brian’s parents came for a visit.  They got to spend a week seeing where we live and also took a trip to the Outer Banks with us.


Picking the Burks up at the airport

When we got to the Outer Banks, the first stop was Roanoke Island where the first English child was born.  We visited the Elizabeth Gardens – a little hot – but very pretty.  We then headed to Nags Head, where we were staying.  We got to have some good beach time then and went to the Black Pelican to eat. 



The next day we went to the beach and swam in the pool and also went out to Corolla, to Currituck Lighthouse.  This Lighthouse was so cool to see – very hidden, but to think it once was a beacon to ocean travelers (they still have a keeper of the light).  We got to walk out on the beach after dinner, it had been raining all afternoon, and got some great sea shells.  Lilly enjoyed running after all the birds.  The water is very different to what we are used to in the Gulf – very cold, very strong, and very sea-shelly.  I love the beach, experiencing the amazing wonder of God’s creation is always amazing to me.

P7160048 P7160052




On Sunday we headed out to Hatteras to see the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  This is probably the most well known Lighthouse in the area.  We got to drive through Rodanthe on the way (for those who have read Nights of Rodanthe) as well as Avon – which we really liked.  Lots of beach houses, not very commercial.  We climbed the lighthouse (took turns watching the  kids down below) – a nice 12 story workout.   We also tried to see Bodie Lighthouse on our way home, but it was under construction – a revisit for us. 


We revisited Chapel Hill with Brian’s parents and ate at two of our favs – Top of the Hill and Sugarland. 

We had a great visit – Thanks Ada and Billy! 

Hudson also finished up his mommy and me swimming class.  I think he enjoyed the songs, and blowing bubbles.  P7140028


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catch Up

Well I had not posted in a bit, so I thought I would play catch up.  That seems to be a theme in a mom’s life, right, always playing catch up.  Well, since we last talked, Father’s Day happened.  I love Brian – he is the best dad to our kids and they adore him!  So he asked for blackberry cobbler for Father’s Day.  We all went out to Volmer Farm to pick blackberry’s – let me tell you this was an adventure.  There were these huge bugs flying around (not the stinging kind) and would dive all around you.  Here is a picture of me dodging away from the bugs, because if you know me at all, you know I do not like any kind of bugs.  Well, we survived and this is what we had to show for it – a huge basket of berries.  The cobbler turned out great and we froze two bags as well.  P6180008

Brian and the kids thought I was pretty humorous – they were just picking right along, like those huge bugs were not even there.


The Fourth of July was fun, too.  This is our first not to go to the Burk reunion in Texas since we moved to NC.  Some friends in our new neighborhood asked us to spend it with them.  We all had a yummy dinner – thanks Katy!  The kids played and then we went to the ball fields in our neighborhood to see the fireworks.  There was also some sparkler fun, too!