Saturday, September 3, 2011


So, blogging with 3 kids has proven to be hard.  So here is an update from the last 2 1/2 months.  I can’t believe Eva has been here for almost 3 months.  She has grown so much – she is quite the cute chubby baby now – a little over 11 pounds!  She can smile now and is sleeping pretty good – usually between 10 and 11 hours now.  She never did take to a paci (even though I kept on trying), she prefers sucking on her fingers (any of them) if she is very hungry.  She reminds us in temperament of Lilly when she was a baby, but does not really look like her. 


4th of July


IMG_1436  1 month old


We concluded our summer with a trip to the Natural Science Museum in Raleigh – so much to see and do – it was a winner! 


IMG_1460 2 months old!

Preschool started up this week.  The kids really seem to like going  to Bayleaf and it is a wonderful, Biblical school that loves on and teaches the kids. 

IMG_1465 First day of school picsIMG_1472 IMG_1467

We have also started up AWANAS, Lilly is a Cubbie again this year and Hudson is a Puggle.  He is very excited to be there this year with big sis.  Lilly is also doing preschool choir at our church – can’t wait until they sing in church in the fall!  So cute!