Sunday, September 20, 2009

First dance lesson

Lilly has started dance class at Carol Ehler's Dance Studio. They do 20 min of ballet and 20 min of tap. Lilly has a good time - she is the youngest in her class for 3 and 4 year olds - Lilly will be 3 in a few months. She does well participating and likes to wear her leotards and ballet/tap shoes. They are learning to point their toes, stay in a line, first position, and tapping (not stomping). I think she looks so cute!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hudson is 9 months!

Our Hudson just turned 9 months last week! He is so on the move – crawls everywhere, pulls up on anything and anyone, he rarely sits still! He has thick, thick hair – it gets curly when he is hot or if it is too humid outside. He still has no teeth, but that does not stop him from eating anything at all. :) This little guy can definitely eat – he likes all meat, chicken, beef, sausage; any veggie I have tried except canned spinach, and all fruits and bread. He will not be my hard one to try to figure out what to feed. I so hope this does not change too much! He loves little cars and motorcycles – especially the ones you pull back on and they go forward with a buzzing sound! He has started waving back at you, too. He can climb about half way up our stairs.

P8250252 P8250260

P8250266 P8250267

Other things noteworthy:

Brian got his MAI certification – a huge thing in the appraisal world. We are so proud of all his hard work and dedication.


I started back to school – I have 31 in my face to face class and 26 in my online class – keeping me busy grading.

Lilly started preschool on Monday. She goes MWF and did very well on her first day, I know she painted and did not take a nap – she was so pooped on the way home, she fell asleep.

P8300275 P8300279