Sunday, June 28, 2009

7 months

Hudson is 7 months old now - I can't believe he is on the uphill slide to turning 1 now! Some new things that Hudson is doing now: Eating all baby food ( I mean I can't find anything he does not like), trying out finger food puffs and cheerios (he does the grab as many in your fist as you can and see if any lands in your mouth method), really taking an interest in what Lilly and Dakota (our lab) are doing. Hudson loves his sister so much, he just follows her with his eyes - soo sweet. He is pretty strong, he loves to bounce, some in the jumperoo, but mainly while you are holding him, like he is riding a horse. He is into rolling now to grab things and can scoot backwards on his belly, maybe soon he will start scooting forwards to try to crawl. He likes to put anything and everything into his mouth, and likes to examine the wheels in his cars and tractor.

We had a great fathers day - Brian and I got to go out on a date - how great it was to reconnect with my honey! Lilly and Hudson stayed with nina and papa while we went to dinner and a movie (the Proposal is pretty cute). What a wonderful dad Brian is to Lilly and Hudson and how lucky I am that he is such an involved and wonderful part of our lives.

Lilly is too funny! She has such a personality! She will get on her stomach like Hudson and encourage him to crawl. She loves to sing all the time and dance. We are potty training and she is doing really well, she does great at home, but does not really want to go at public restrooms ( I guess the stalls are intimidating, but I even bring our own potty seat!). I have to say the training underwear is the way to go for now. Such a big girl! She started saying "awesome", I am not sure where she gets this, we don't say it, but she even uses it in the right context.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

He is Official!

This weekend was a big one in the life of the Burk Family! On Friday we went to court to finalize Hudson's adoption! Yeah! He is officially a Burk now! After you adopt, your agency officially has custody of the baby for the first 6 months and the baby retains the birthmoms last name. Then you can make things official. My parents came in on Thursday and the Burks met us in Richmond on Friday morning for our court appearance. The judge was very nice and Hudson did very well! It was really special, the families got to stand with us as we answered some questions and then he was officially declared Hudson Gene Burk and given a huge teddy bear to commemorate the experience. Lilly also was given a bear by the judge for being the big sister. We went to a coffee shop after that to celebrate (it was a cute little renovated service station).

Lilly waiting our turn at the courthouse

On Saturday we had a family party at our house to continue the celebration. We had the blow up pools and sand, I think all the kids had a lot of fun, even though it was soooo hot out! We are so thankful for all of our family who has prayed for us, supported us, and loved us and Hudson throughout this journey. I can't believe our adoption journey is complete, this time last year we had no idea who the little baby God had planned for us would be, and now we have a very lively 6 month old that is so full of joy.

All the cousins hanging out!