Monday, April 20, 2009

Good news!

We got Lilly’s biopsy results back last week and everything looked normal! We are so glad and feel so blessed! I think sometimes we take our children’s health for granted and I only had a small taste of what could be, I just feel so blessed! God is so good!

“I lift my eyes up to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.”

Lilly is doing better now, getting her to eat after surgery is/was a real challenge.

Hudson is doing great, too! He is changing and growing so much these days and is such a great joy.

April 2009 154

Look at me!

April 2009 176

Our Easter at home – Lilly was not feeling too good yet, so we all stayed home and did an indoors egg hunt!

April 2009 173 Hudson Hanging out at Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tonsils Out

So we had Lilly's tonsils out on Monday - here is the scoop. My parents came in town on Saturday. We went to the park and played and went to church on Sunday. Dad left on Sunday and then we went to Chuckee Cheese to let Lilly play that night. She had a good time playing the games and watching Chuckee dancing.

Monday we woke Lilly up and put her in the car for our early morning drive to TCH. We waited in the waiting room (thank goodness there were lots of toys and other kids to play with) for a few hours. We met with a nurse who took Lilly's vitals and then an anaesthesiologist nurse who let Lilly pick out her flavor for sleepy air - she picked cotton candy - even though she has never had that before. Then Lilly got changed into her yellow scrubs and we went to a surgery holding area - more toys to play with. We met with the doctor and anaesthesiologist and then they gave her some happy meds to make her more relaxed. They wheeled her off to surgery in a wagon and she just waved good - bye. That part was not as hard as I had imagined - thank goodness for the meds.
Brian got us some lunch and about 30 minutes later the doctor came out and said she had done well and we went to recovery. It is very strange to see your child coming out of surgery - she was pretty confused about the IV and all the wires, but we got to hold her and giver her juice and Popsicles. We were there for a few hours and then admitted to a room. She was not happy about being stuck in a bed, did not like the IV (which came out in about 30 minutes after admit), or the pulse ox. She was a trooper and took her medicine like a big girl. We found out she reacts to codeine negatively and started just giving her regular Tylenol so she would not be so combative or agitated. We slept on and off all night and then were released the next morning around noon. We are so glad to be home and she loves being in her room in her bed again. She is a bit picky about what she will eat, but we are working on it. Thanks mimi for watching Hudson while we were at the hospital and nina for coming to entertain Lilly too.
Thanks for everyone's prayers. We will have the biopsy report back next week, so we will let you know!