Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter and 31 weeks and counting

This Easter we had a good time celebrating Jesus’ resurrection.  My parents came to visit us and a few days later, Ada and Billy came to visit (they got to experience the tornadoes that ripped through our area).  We celebrated Nina’s birthday while the lights were out!  We did an early Easter egg hunt with Nina and Papa.

IMG_0957 IMG_0972

Our church had a kids Easter show and egg hunt – my kids are not very aggressive when it comes to finding the eggs, but they still have fun. 

IMG_0987 IMG_0994

We had a great service at church on Sunday morning and helped out in the 4 year old class as well.  We hunted eggs again at our house and made cupcakes and watched the new Veggie Tales Easter movie. 

IMG_0999 IMG_1017 Looking at Easter Baskets

IMG_1019 IMG_1024 IMG_1037 IMG_1035

So I am 31 weeks now – here are few pictures of what the belly looks like now.  She is doing good – got to see a 4D ultrasound last week, and she was smiling at us – so cute!  6 weeks to go! 

IMG_1003 IMG_1007 IMG_1044 IMG_1051

Trip to Texas

So about 2 months ago we took a trip to Texas to visit both sides of the family ( I know I am so slow about posting – alas, I am have just been a slacker when it comes to blogging.)  We all met up at Brian’s family home in Pearland, my parents came and my sister and her two girls.  We also got to see Brian’s brother, sister (and their families), and both of his grandmothers – so we definitely saw everyone while there.  We all fished (and actually caught a few) and the kids rode horses, and Hudson rode the tractor a few times with Papa Bill.  We had a great big slumber party at night – it was fun!

IMG_0915 IMG_0920IMG_0940