Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Have a Baby!

So, in the past month, there have been many changes to our family.  I did not want to forget to post a picture of Lilly in her dance recital – she was so cute as a cat in her Alice in Wonderland recital.  She did all the moves – we were so proud of her! 


IMG_1140 IMG_1152 IMG_1170

Then, 5 days later, little Eva was born.  We had our C-section on June 14th.  We were bumped from our original 8 am time, due to two sets of twins that decided to be born, so at 10:19 she made her debut.  This c-section was so much better – lasted all of 5 minutes (to get her out) and then got to go to recovery with her and Brian.  Maybe knowing what to expect made it better, maybe a better doctor this time around, but recovery has been so much easier (still no piece of cake, but way better!).  Eva was 6 lb. 10 oz and 21 inches long.  She has dark hair and blue eyes right now (maybe this will change, we shall see).  She enjoys sleeping mostly right now and is a wonderful eater.  She loves being held (who wouldn’t?) and is very tolerant to noise made by  her sister and brother! 


   IMG_1207 IMG_1228IMG_1247

Having three kids is very different – I love them and know my family is complete.  Some days I feel very torn and feel I did not give each one enough one on one time, or that we did not do anything great besides getting dressed, eating, and playing/watching TV (way too hot to go outside).  But, then I remember it has only been a few weeks, that we are all healthy and getting used to our new normal.  If this summer is pretty low-key, that is okay – we are building time together as a new family.  I love being a mom, I know I was called to this and I feel so thankful to be at home and enjoy this moment that will most likely go so quickly!