Thursday, November 5, 2009


This year for Halloween, we got to celebrate many times.  Lilly and Hudson were Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan. Our first was at Nina and Papa’s house.  Their neighborhood has a tractor ride that took the kids to houses on their street to trick or treat.  Hudson and cousin  Ruthie rode in strollers and Lilly rode in a wagon, and the other cousins rode the tractor.  They got lots of candy!  We also had a smore roast – Nina built a fire pit that is really great and we had tons of gooey fun!



Second, Lilly got to dress up for dance class.  They learned a short dance to Ghostbusters and performed for the parents.  It was pretty cute!

PA280278 PA280282  PA280284

Then, on actual Halloween, we went to a Fall Festival at Lilly’s school.  She did the bouncy things and played lots of games and of course got more candy.  Hudson hung out in the stroller looking cute as Peter Pan.  Lilly helped me hand out candy the trick or treators at our house.  


11 months

Our Hudson is 11 months old!  1 is right around the corner and we are working on birthday plans.  He is too funny – will not stay still to take a picture, so that is why the 11 month pic is pretty funny –even Aunt Katy was trying to help, but he wanted to get away!  This month our big thing is standing up by himself.  He has actually taken about 2 steps in a row, so walking is coming close.  He is still very fun and loveable, and his temper has started to show when he does not like something.  He also likes to feed the dog while he eats – throws his food down off the highchair, much to his and Dakota’s delight.  He loves to be around people and especially his Lilly.  When she is not here on school days, he misses her and is excited when she gets home (even though they fuss about sharing toys).  Hudson loves to roll the ball and chase it around the house.  Happy 11 months!PA250250

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2 little pumpkins in a patch

We went to a pumpkin patch in October at a local church.  They had cute little vignettes set up that you can take pictures on or with.  This was Hudson’s first year – he did good, but was a little unsure about pictures.  Lilly picked out 2 pumpkins – one for her and one for Hudson.

  PA090227   PA090231PA090229

PA090250 PA090238