Thursday, August 20, 2009

On the Move


So our little guy started crawling about 3 weeks ago, I am remiss about getting this post up, huh?  The same week he started crawling, he started pushing up to standing and now is cruising.  Oh my – this has opened up a whole new world to him, his sister, the dog, and us (of course).  He is into everything, loves the laundry room with Dakota’s food bowls, electrical anything, and Lilly’s pink crocs (we have to hide them sometimes).  He is definitely not content just sitting with a bunch of toys anymore, he likes to move, move, move.  Thank goodness he is a good sleeper, because I think he wears himself out.  Lilly and Hudson have started interacting a whole bunch more, she will crawl after him, or push him in his push toy (Dora from Lilly, sorry Huddy), or other stand up toys.  It is fun to see their interaction. 

Lilly will start school next week, and we have already started talking about the new friends she will make. 



Mimi and Papa also came for a visit.  We had a good time playing and shopping!