Monday, July 27, 2009

8 months

P7240217 Our Hudson is 8 months old now!  He is such the little man!  He is so close to crawling, I just know it will happen any day now.  He is in the push up position or on his knees rocking almost all day now and can scoot backwards on his belly pretty far – all the way down the hall and across the rugs – he gets stuck under things now!  He does not like to sit still anymore and wants to be in the middle of whatever Lilly is doing, even if he cannot play with that toy.  He started making lots of verbalizations – ahh, ba, da da (does this count as his first word?), ha, gah and high pitch squeals and zerberts.  Pretty cute to hear his little voice.  He has great thick hair.  We love his open mouth smiles.  He has been such a trooper through all the sickness, but we are so glad to have him back to feeling better.  Still no teeth have popped through – hopefully soon!  He is eating well, 4 bottles and 3 meals a day plus some puffs and cheerios, he also had a little watermelon. 

P7240218 P7250226 P7250223

Family Visit

The weekend after Galveston, my sister’s family came to visit us.  We had such a nice visit, the kids all loved playing together.  On Saturday, we went to the Aquarium downtown.  We had a great time on the rides, we rode a carousel, ferris wheel (the one that over looks the freeway and they leave you dangling at the top with 2 toddlers), and took a train ride under the sharks.  We also looked at lots of fish and other aquatic life and saw 2 white tigers.  All in all a fun place to visit.  We ended our day there with a meal in their restaurant where you can see all kinds of fish in the middle.  P7170187

P7170192P7170202  We went swimming in the afternoon and then there was a big storm during dinner.  Of course the electricity went off (when does it not) and so we all went outside with all of the neighborhood and visited, the kids played in puddles, did bubbles, ate popsicles, and took a walk.  My sister could not believe how funny us Houstonians are about the weather, it’s kind of like a block party.  The lights still were off after 9 and we had to start getting the kids to sleep – we were all in the middle of this and unloading the refrig to coolers when thankfully the lights came back on! 

Other things:  Hudson had been really sick.  He had a bad cold for 2 weeks with Lilly, but when hers got better, his got worse.  He started running fever and having a horrible cough when my sister was here and by Monday I took him to the pedi.  He took one look at Hudson and sent in a respiratory therapist.  They took his pulse ox and gave him a pulmicort breathing treatment.  They said he had pneumonia until proven otherwise.  I was so worried at this point.  We had to get a chest x-ray (which is so scarring as a parent to see your child strapped down) and blood work and they sent us home until they got the results.  The pedi called us that night and said all was clear, it is just a bad virus gone to the lungs and we would have to wait it out with Motrin for the fever and Xopenex breathing treatments.  He is getting better know – thanks for everyone’s prayers. 

I am so loving So You Think You Can Dance this summer – it is so cool to see all of the different styles of dance and the amazing talent of the dancers.  We think Brandon should win at our house!   We also love The Little Couple with Jen and Bill – they live in Houston and it is fun to see what they are doing around town. 

My good friend Shana and Cody adopted a baby girl 5 weeks ago and we had a shower for her this weekend.  I was so excited to do this for a friend that has gone through the infertility and adoption journey with me.  Reese is just precious! 

We have random gourd/melon looking things growing in our backyard – anyone know what they could be?  They are growing over our fence from a neighbor’s yard.   P7080159



Well, I am so far behind, I am going to write a few posts.  After the 4th, Brian and I celebrated our 7th anniversary.  What a great 7 years we have had and I look forward to so many more with my hubby!

The weekend after our anniversary we took a trip to Galveston with The Burk family.  Galveston has pretty much recovered since Ike, there is not as much vegetation, but the beach and water were nice.  We stayed in the Galvestonian with Brian’s mom and dad, his brother and wife and 2 daughters and his sister her husband and their 4 month old daughter.  We all shared a condo and had a great time playing at the beach and the pool.  The condo had all the bedrooms at the back and a nice big room at the front over looking the beach and ocean.  After all the kids went down at night, we would play games like Scatagories, Pictionary, and Apples to Apples.   We stayed from a Friday to a Monday and really enjoyed ourselves! 




Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We had a busy, fun 4th this year.  Friday afternoon we drove to Centerville, this is where Brian’s grandmother and other family live.  We usually go there for the family reunion in July, but this year it was all on the same day.  Lilly had such a blast with all her cousins and extended family – she is such a people person and just really enjoys life, every little detail.  She was so excited she did not sleep at all that night :).  Saturday we woke up and got ready for the parade.  It was such a small town, Americana feeling – I had never been before.  The parade is around the town square and there is also craft booths set up and different food vendors.  I carried Hudson in a sling and we were both kind of hot, but he did seem to enjoy seeing everything (does not like fire engines or ambulance sirens!)  Lilly really got into the part where she got to run out for candy – she was not shy about that at all!  She was definitely on a sugar high!  P7030142P7030144

That afternoon, evening was the Burk reunion, and it always neat to see all the generations coming together to celebrate family.  The evening concluded with a tractor ride around the farm.  That night –the 4th – we drove on to Tyler.  We did see some cool fireworks around Palestine over the lake.  P7030146

Sunday we spent with my family.  My sister’s family and my aunt/uncle and cousin all came by too!   Some news, my cousin who is a year younger than me, Jessie, is getting married and they will be living overseas in Copenhagen.    P7050153