Friday, December 17, 2010

Birthdays, Snow

Hudson celebrated his 2nd birthday on turkey day this year!  We were in Texas for this, so we had a little party at our house for a few friends and neighbors before we left.  He loves tractors, so we did a John Deere party, played pin the wheel on the tractor, had some cake and snacks.  He pretty much stayed glued to his alphabet train and scooted around the house on that the whole party, but her knew the party was for him and the presents and his cake were “Hudson’s”. 




Lilly turned 4 and we had a jumping party.  She had lots of friends from school and church there to celebrate – I think they all had a good time jumping and being silly.  She also had snow on her real birthday – two years in a row – I think now she may come to expect it.  IMG_0685 IMG_0709  IMG_0721 IMG_0748 IMG_0626

It was fun to have our first real snow in NC, we have had one more little one since then.  I can’t believe how cold it is here compared to Texas – a real winter for sure!  We’ve already built our first snowman!IMG_0634 IMG_0647

We took 2 weeks and traveled to Texas (driving) over Thanksgiving.  We saw both sides of the family, all the sibs, and great grandmothers.  We had a good time visiting, just a lot of driving in the car.  The kids did well, though, and enjoyed staying in some hotels.  In Tyler we went to the zoo and in Houston we rode horses and fished – Lilly caught her first fish! 

IMG_0542 IMG_0569

I am so behind, so here it goes!!!!

  Well, since it is December 17th, I thought it about time to get out a Halloween post, I mean, really, what have I been up to?  So for Halloween, the kids were Spiderman and Strawberry shortcake (complete with the red wig).  They had fun at a church fall festival and also trick or treating in our neighborhood – it is so nice to be in a neighborhood that actually does this now!  IMG_0481IMG_0162


Our Family Miracle

So I don’t know who all knew we had started the process of adopting for the second time.  Hudson is adopted, and we had such a great experience with that, we kept feeling God was calling us to a third child.  We had filled out the application and started some online training at night. …… Then one day things changed.  I was looking through the application and a question kept standing out – Are you pregnant?  I was like “no.”  After 3 failed IUI’s after Lilly, a blocked fallopian tube, and lots of scarring from a c-section, they had said it was pretty much not going to happen.  But, on a whim, we decided I should take a pregnancy test just to make sure before we were too far along in the adoption process.  This time we were having a hard time getting the process started – one agency put us on a waiting list, the other we liked alot, but things were taking a long time.  We now know, God was saying, “WAIT”,  I have other plans. 

So, the next day, I took the test and it was positive.  I was like, this just does not happen.  But three tests later, they still said positive.  So, yes, we are expecting Burk #3.  I still can’t believe we are having another baby!  I have heard the heart beat three times and seen the baby twice.  Right now we are almost 13 weeks and due sometime in June – depending on when the c-section will be planned. 

“My plans are not your plans and My ways are not your ways”.  This rings true to us because we thought we had it all  planned out, how to have this third child, but God has other things in store.  Some say we are having this child because we moved to North Carolina and were more “relaxed”, others say because we have adopted a child, but I don’t believe it works that way.  God had such a specific plan for us, there is nothing Brian or I could have done to have this child on our own.  There was no trying or planning on our part, because  this was all God’s ultimate plan for our life and our family.  I feel truly blessed and know how precious this life is that is growing inside me.  I don’t want to take any of this for granted or forget this experience. 

We pray for a healthy pregnancy and for our growing family.  We love you all!  Merry Christmas!  

Sunday, October 24, 2010


We had quite a week of visitors recently.  My parents came for 5 days and then Brian’s grandmother and her cousin Ruby came for 3 days. 

We took my parents to Blue Jay Point Park – ate a picnic, hiked to the lake, and played on the playground and field.


IMG_0187 IMG_0248 IMG_0306

We also went to Hillridge Farm for some hayrides, getting pumpkins, going down a big slide.  The kids had a good time!  We enjoyed our visit!

IMG_0345 IMG_0354 IMG_0369 IMG_0377 IMG_0382

Here’s BB:

IMG_0437 IMG_0428

It’s Fall!

Hi there – Just thought I would post an update from NC!  I am so glad it is fall now and there is promise of cooler weather.  I absolutely love fall – it is my favorite season.  I love the smells of pumpkin and spice, vanilla, and nutmeg.  I love the trees changing colors.  I love that there are finally good shows on TV again to watch.  I love that my birthday is in the fall.  I love the yummy foods.  I love the colors and the decorations.  I love that we will go to Texas for two weeks over Thanksgiving.  So…what have we been doing.

We have gotten really involved in our church.  Brian is doing a men’s bible study there and his really pumped about the book of Revelation.  I am a discussion group leader for our MOPs group there this year and Lilly is in AWANAS.  We have made some really great friends there already, genuine friendships. 

Hudson and Lilly love their school.  They have great teachers and some great kids in their classes.  Lilly is enjoying dance as well. 


finger-painting with whip cream

IMG_0180 IMG_0186

hanging out with dakota

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend Trip to Texas

We went on a whirlwind of a trip to Texas to visit both sides of our families.  The plane ride there was good, everyone was excited and Hudson actually was quiet and sat there most of the time.  My dad picked us up and we had What A Burger for lunch – we don’t have those here in NC, so that was our choice.  We then drove from Dallas to Tyler where my sis and her fam met up with us.  We so enjoyed getting to see them, and all Allie, Kaylee and Drew. 


On Saturday, Brian’s mom and dad and his sister, her husband, and their daughter (our niece) Ruthie came to Tyler as well to visit with us.  That day we just hung out with all the family.  We just thought is was hot here in NC, boy Texas was so hot!!! 

001 016

Sunday we had brunch, went to my sisters house for the kids to play, and went to Discovery Science as a little outing.  We also ate dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house and my cousin Sara was there.  She set me up on Facebook while I was there, so now I have no excuse.  We had a great time visiting. 


Stephanie drove us back to Dallas on Monday to catch our plane back to NC.  The kids were tired by then, so the plan ride back was a little long, but we made it. 

Lilly had her first day of preschool on Thursday – she loved it.  The teacher told me Lilly told them she had a “wonderful time and I want to come back”.  She definitely loves school and learning.



Hudson had his first day on Friday – the parents came to to help them get comfortable in their new class.  He enjoyed playing with all the cars. 


This weekend we went to the State Farmers Market in Raleigh.  It is huge!  This is what we got this week – purple bell pepper, fresh cheese, homemade apple jam, blueberries (pesticide free), and a vintage dinosaur sign for Hudson’s dinosaur room.  I definitely plan to go back.


We also had delicious barbeque for lunch – Red Hot and Blue is so yummy, made us think of Texas barbeque for sure.  I was in heaven! 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It’s summertime – at least it was – it now actually winding down with preschool set to start next week.  But for now, I thought I would write about what we have been doing this summer.

A few weeks after going to the Outer Banks, we took a long weekend trip to Myrtle Beach with Brian (he had a work thing there).  We had such a great time.  The kids and I went back and forth between the beach and pool while Brian was working.  We got to hang out as a family over the weekend and the kids really liked the ocean this time.  Hudson did not want to get out (helps that he did not get stung by a jelly fish this time!).  We got to visit Broadway on the Beach (for those who know what Kemah is, I compare it to this, only way huger).  The kids loved feeding the ducks and fish, riding the carousel, playing on the playground, and just walking around. 

P7040533 P7040542


So, our plants from the beginning of the summer are still alive, but have not produced any fruit or vegetables (but they are green, so I have not completely killed them). 

We bought our first antique piece.  It is an East Lake dresser painted white for Lilly’s room.  It is about 100 years old and I think it looks great – I even got some cute pink antique knobs to put on it – I will post a pic when they come in. 

Lilly went to an all week morning mermaid dance camp.  She loves her new dance studio and had fun being a little mermaid.

Overall, I think we have really embraced our new home this summer.  We are not afraid to explore and try new things. 

Oh, one more huge thing.  We had been praying about finding a church home since we moved here.  We have finally joined a church.  Wake Crossroads Baptist church is where we now call home.  We love it and have already made some friends.  Do you want to know how we found out about it – well – from a guy standing behind us in line for a movie.  We struck up a conversation with him since he had an Aggie shirt on (obviously a Texan) and he told us about where his family went.  We would have never known about it had it not been for him – God has a sense of humor and timing for sure!  His wife is even from East Texas! 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Burk Visit/Outer Banks

This past week, Brian’s parents came for a visit.  They got to spend a week seeing where we live and also took a trip to the Outer Banks with us.


Picking the Burks up at the airport

When we got to the Outer Banks, the first stop was Roanoke Island where the first English child was born.  We visited the Elizabeth Gardens – a little hot – but very pretty.  We then headed to Nags Head, where we were staying.  We got to have some good beach time then and went to the Black Pelican to eat. 



The next day we went to the beach and swam in the pool and also went out to Corolla, to Currituck Lighthouse.  This Lighthouse was so cool to see – very hidden, but to think it once was a beacon to ocean travelers (they still have a keeper of the light).  We got to walk out on the beach after dinner, it had been raining all afternoon, and got some great sea shells.  Lilly enjoyed running after all the birds.  The water is very different to what we are used to in the Gulf – very cold, very strong, and very sea-shelly.  I love the beach, experiencing the amazing wonder of God’s creation is always amazing to me.

P7160048 P7160052




On Sunday we headed out to Hatteras to see the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  This is probably the most well known Lighthouse in the area.  We got to drive through Rodanthe on the way (for those who have read Nights of Rodanthe) as well as Avon – which we really liked.  Lots of beach houses, not very commercial.  We climbed the lighthouse (took turns watching the  kids down below) – a nice 12 story workout.   We also tried to see Bodie Lighthouse on our way home, but it was under construction – a revisit for us. 


We revisited Chapel Hill with Brian’s parents and ate at two of our favs – Top of the Hill and Sugarland. 

We had a great visit – Thanks Ada and Billy! 

Hudson also finished up his mommy and me swimming class.  I think he enjoyed the songs, and blowing bubbles.  P7140028