Sunday, April 11, 2010


Happy Easter everyone – He Has Risen Indeed! We had a fun Easter here in Rolesville. Our community had an Easter egg hunt that we went to the weekend before Easter. They had it divided into age categories and it was a beautiful day! Lilly and Hudson both got a few eggs. As you can see – Hudson was content to just sit and have his snack. They had a fire truck there the kids could get in and also little owls to see.

P3270346 P3270350


Easter weekend, we dyed Easter eggs – aren’t they pretty? We went to a church that we are pretty sure we want to join. They have lots of young couples, tons of kids and babies, and Lilly will go to preschool there next year. After lunch we made Easter cupcakes – they were yummy! My little ones sure love their sweets – can’t ya’ tell? :) We did an egg hunt in our back yard and then had a big meal here at the house that evening. It was a good day!

P4030021 P4030036 P4030032 P4030016 P4030008P4030010P4040041P4040047P4040057 P4040070 P4040063 P4040075

Yesterday we decided to go to the Raleigh Children’s Museum – Lilly and Hudson really enjoyed it. Then we picked up Snoopy’s Hot Dogs - (delicious by the way) and had a picnic at a park downtown. We ended our day by a visit to the capital and ice cream looking at the statues.

P4100078 P4100082 P4100107

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We Have Arrived

Greetings from Rolesville, NC!  I am so glad to be here and getting settled into our new home after a crazy few weeks.  Let me back up and let you know about what we have been doing along our journey here. 

My family came to help me pack up my house in Houston after Brian had left to start his new job in NC.  It was a HUGE help and I am so thankful for them.  After that, Lilly, Hudson and I stayed with Brian’s parents for about 5 days.  They really enjoyed being there and exploring on Nina and Papa’s “farm.”  Lilly overcame her fear of the horses and continually asked to ride the pony Belle, so papa let her and she loved it!  She even went to the barn to help feed one day – that is a big deal for her!  While we were there she wore a pink dress up dress the whole time – playing, feeding horses, running errands, sleeping – she is definitely my dress up queen.  Hudson really expanded his vocabulary during this time – he is saying so many new words these days – truck, tractor, car, train – very boyish words, huh?   P3120325

Ada, Brian’s mom and I headed out on our road trip to NC on a Sunday morning bright and early and armed with my GPS, thank goodness.  We drove for about 10 hours that day – which is a lot with the 2 kiddos.  The mornings were fine, but in the afternoon, they got bored and we tried anything to keep them happy.  Thanks ADA for Elmo puppet shows!  The road side stops were nice to let them get out and play in the fresh air.  We stopped in Montgomery, Al the first night.  Then the next day (after losing 2 hours due to daylight savings and the eastern zone time change), we set off at 6 am.  About 1 hour into the trip, Lilly starts screaming and tells us she has a fruit loop stuck in her nose.  Are you kidding me?  We pull over in the pitch dark, get a flash light out and sure enough, there it is and it did not want to come out.  I called our pedi in Houston, but we kept on going.   During the day, it seems to have gone backwards down her throat, so all ended up okay. 

We made it to NC that night and finally got to see Brian!  After 16 days without him, we were so glad to see him.  We closed on our house the next morning and moved in with whatever we had in our 2 cars.  We slept on sleeping bags for 2 days until the big moving truck arrived.  It was definitely exciting and overwhelming to see all your house on a big truck arrive.  It was a reality check that we were really here and it was time to start making my house a home. 

Most of the boxes are unpacked now, minus hanging things on the walls and a few other things.  We have met some nice neighbors, there is even a 3 year old little girl down the street we have played with.  Rolesville is very small, but very cute.  The blooming fruit trees were starting to bloom when we arrived, they have been so beautiful, they are everywhere.  We have found lots of parks and found where Target and Walmart (the necessities) are.  Lilly started a preschool at a church last week 2 days a week.  She seemed to do fine – they are on spring break this week.  We even found a pre-dance ballet class for her to take on Saturdays.  Today we ventured out to story time at the library.  Hudson is always full of energy, and in our first week, we had to find an emergency clinic for stitches.  He fell on a matchbox car and it punctured his nose.  He was a trooper and we already got the stitches out this week!


Lilly's first day of new preschool


I am excited about the new possibilities of our new town.  We pray we find a good church home soon so we can get plugged in.  It has been amazing weather and we are enjoying playing outside.  Thanks for all your prayers during our journey here, they were truly felt. 

P3290360P3240337 Our new house!