Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back to Earth

This spring we have decided to start using The Produce Box.  They deliver fresh, local organic produce each week to your door.  It is so great to know the farm your food came from and be able to prepare healthy, sometimes new things for your family.  Today was exciting, we got our first box!  Here it is:


Spring onions, strawberries, new potatoes, asparagus, cabbage, greens, fresh dill and parsley, and a kids garden to plant and watch grown throughout the summer.  Lilly loved doing this today!


Mother’s Day Festivities

This Mother’s Day was fun.  It all started 2 weeks ago when we went to get a car – I am officially a mom on the go – I have a mini-van now!  I love it!  I has so much room and you can walk from the front all the way to the back and the kids can climb in by themselves!  Very fun!  So all of you kiddos out there that were like me and said I would never, ever have a minivan – I can officially eat my words! 

Lilly’s school had a mother’s day breakfast with muffins and juice and they sang a few songs for us and gave us each a rose. 

P5050018 We went to a Durham Bulls baseball game Saturday night – we made it about 6 innings with the kids.  It is fun to be in a smaller stadium and they had a fun playground in there too. 

P5080019 P5080021

Sunday we went to church, ate Chinese, and the kids and Brian gave me a cool wind chime that plays tinkly music and a bird feeder for our woodsy area behind our house. 

P5080025 P5080027

I love being a mom.  I was thinking about how I came to be a mom and the journey that it was for Brian and I.  I would not trade giving birth or watching Hudson’s birth mom give birth for the world….each made me a mommy to my kids and gave me such joy. 

Strawberry Pickin’

We were able to go with some neighbors to Vollmer Farm to go strawberry picking.  Vollmer Farm is a wonderful place that grows organic foods and has all kinds of things for the family and kids to do.

P4230002 P4230009

We got to go on a hay ride around the farm to see the play areas that open in the fall and the different crops that they grow as well.  These organic strawberries were delicious!  The whole family enjoyed them and the kids liked picking them too.

P4230007  P4230016

We have a little stand at the entrance to our neighborhood that sells these strawberries too, so I stock up quite frequently.  Here’s some pics from our picking.