Tuesday, June 15, 2010

18 months! and Lilly Dance

Hudson recently turned 18 months - such a big boy now! His appointment with the new pedi went well - I liked him and he was very thorough. He is now in the 50th percentile for height and 40th % for weight. He has slowed down a little on things he likes to eat, but still much better than Lilly. He says funny things now, like Love You momma/daddy and Thank you Momma and is soooo loud! He can copy pretty much anything you say. He is a climber in every sense of the word - he will use every ounce of energy trying to get up on somethings and usually succeeds - he even uses his teeth to climb! He can jump or hop on two feet which is prett impressive and loves to copy his sister. I love being his mommy - he gives the best hugs and kisses now. He is pretty funny - in the car he likes to take off his shoes and put his feet in his mouth - I don't know why, but he thinks it is so funny! He started a mommy and me swim class - he seemed to enjoy it - likes to "blow bubbles" and splash.

Lilly had her end of year dance program (they don't have recitals for the little ones at this studio), but they had a little performance on Sunday afternoon. Lilly did very well and did everything her teacher asked them to do. They skipped, danced with watering cans and bears, ran with flowers, it was cute. Lilly is always excited to go dancing.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Englands in NC

Wonderful bakery!

Duke University

Mimi and papa arrived

Lilly's end of school program - yes, her skirt is tucked in her panties!

All the pictures are out of order, sorry about that!

Before mom and dad came to visit, Lilly finished this year of preschool. They had a little program and sang some songs - Lilly knew all the words and sang very loud! It was cute!

My family came to visit us for a week and we had a great time! We enjoyed getting to show them around our new surroundings and our home. The kids loved having them here and having quality mimi and papa time. We got to do some new things too, while they were here. Here is a brief overview of what we did while they were here.

1. Tried to see a Durham Bulls baseball game, but once we got there it was sold out. Durham has a cool downtown area, so we ended up eating there at the Mellow Mushroom - yummy pizza and letting the kids run around before heading to see Duke campus. Duke has a really cool chapel that is beautiful (did you know if you want to get married there, you have to camp out next to it at the beginning of the month to secure a date a year in advance?)

2. Showed them our little town - it has a neat park and some antique shops, a few restaurants.

3. Took everyone swimming - my mom even rode the lazy river with me!

4. Ate lunch with Brian and played at the mall, did a little shopping

5. Got to go on a date with Brian while my parents watched the kids - loved the grown up time! We saw Iron Man 2 - I would recommend it, a good action flick.

6. Went to the library to get some new books

7. Spent a day going to the capital - we went in, but Hudson got a little loud and it was suggested we take him out! :) Then we drove to Chapel Hill and visited North Carolina University - a beautiful campus and ate at The Top of the Hill restaurant (very cool!) and ate a delicious treat at Sugarland bakery (delicious ice cream and cupcakes!)

8. Did a curtain project - dad hung the rods and mom helped me sew Lilly's - they turned out great!

Thanks Mom and Dad - we had a great time!