Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birthdays and more!

I need to play catch up!  Since I last wrote we have had 3 birthdays, a holiday, and snow!  So here goes……

I turned the big 30 in November.  My sweet hubby made me dinner (chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and eggs) and he and Lilly picked me out some cute birthday presents – cookbook, Santa socks, candy, plastic panda bear (Lilly picked most of it out:)).  I really enjoyed my b-day with my family!PB070302 PB070303


Then, Hudson turned 1!!!!! I can’t believe it has been a year since we were in the hospital being handed our precious little son.  How thankful that we were chosen to be his parents.   He is the sweetest thing and we love him so much.  He had a monkey party this year.  I think he had fun playing with all his cousins and grandparents.  He was not too sure about the cake – it was very sweet and he puckered his mouth after each bite!  He did manage to eat about 1/2 of his smash cake.  He is walking around everywhere now and is very adventurous!  He loves all balls – I think that is his favorite thing.  He got his first hair cut  the day of his first party and he did so good – my hair cut lady did it and she was great, so now some of his curls are gone, but I left some on the back for now.  Happy Birthday Hudson! 

PB210325PB210332 PB210352 PB210348 PB240355

Then we had Thanksgiving in Tyler.  I can’t believe that a trip that once took 3 1/2 hours without kids can now take 5.  We had a great time hanging out with our family – we even had a new family picture of the England side done.  We also got to meet my cousin’s fiancĂ©e – they are getting married in December and he is from Copenhagen.  It was neat to get to meet him.

Then it was Lilly’s 3rd birthday.  Her party will be next week, but we had a good time celebrating her special day.  She really understands birthdays this year – she is one of the last in her class at preschool to turn 3, so she was glad it was finally her time.  It even snowed on her birthday – she thinks just for her!  She definitely loved her cake and opening her presents and is still wearing her birthday crown around the house.   PC040369 PC040372 PB210353 PC040376