Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Have a Baby!

So, in the past month, there have been many changes to our family.  I did not want to forget to post a picture of Lilly in her dance recital – she was so cute as a cat in her Alice in Wonderland recital.  She did all the moves – we were so proud of her! 


IMG_1140 IMG_1152 IMG_1170

Then, 5 days later, little Eva was born.  We had our C-section on June 14th.  We were bumped from our original 8 am time, due to two sets of twins that decided to be born, so at 10:19 she made her debut.  This c-section was so much better – lasted all of 5 minutes (to get her out) and then got to go to recovery with her and Brian.  Maybe knowing what to expect made it better, maybe a better doctor this time around, but recovery has been so much easier (still no piece of cake, but way better!).  Eva was 6 lb. 10 oz and 21 inches long.  She has dark hair and blue eyes right now (maybe this will change, we shall see).  She enjoys sleeping mostly right now and is a wonderful eater.  She loves being held (who wouldn’t?) and is very tolerant to noise made by  her sister and brother! 


   IMG_1207 IMG_1228IMG_1247

Having three kids is very different – I love them and know my family is complete.  Some days I feel very torn and feel I did not give each one enough one on one time, or that we did not do anything great besides getting dressed, eating, and playing/watching TV (way too hot to go outside).  But, then I remember it has only been a few weeks, that we are all healthy and getting used to our new normal.  If this summer is pretty low-key, that is okay – we are building time together as a new family.  I love being a mom, I know I was called to this and I feel so thankful to be at home and enjoy this moment that will most likely go so quickly!


blessedby3sons said...

3 is so different but you will get the hang of it. I remember going to BJs by myself with all three kids 2 weeks after Ben was born and feeling so overwhelmed but I was glad I did it because I knew I could do it if I needed to. Praying for a quick adjustment! :)

Abbe said...

so glad y'all are all doing well and adjusting to the new normal! lilly's too cute in her costume!

Jodi said...

She's precious! So glad you put an update. I'm sure you're very busy, but I'm sure it will get better. What a sweet family!

JLTan said...

God is good.

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