Saturday, September 3, 2011


So, blogging with 3 kids has proven to be hard.  So here is an update from the last 2 1/2 months.  I can’t believe Eva has been here for almost 3 months.  She has grown so much – she is quite the cute chubby baby now – a little over 11 pounds!  She can smile now and is sleeping pretty good – usually between 10 and 11 hours now.  She never did take to a paci (even though I kept on trying), she prefers sucking on her fingers (any of them) if she is very hungry.  She reminds us in temperament of Lilly when she was a baby, but does not really look like her. 


4th of July


IMG_1436  1 month old


We concluded our summer with a trip to the Natural Science Museum in Raleigh – so much to see and do – it was a winner! 


IMG_1460 2 months old!

Preschool started up this week.  The kids really seem to like going  to Bayleaf and it is a wonderful, Biblical school that loves on and teaches the kids. 

IMG_1465 First day of school picsIMG_1472 IMG_1467

We have also started up AWANAS, Lilly is a Cubbie again this year and Hudson is a Puggle.  He is very excited to be there this year with big sis.  Lilly is also doing preschool choir at our church – can’t wait until they sing in church in the fall!  So cute! 


Sharon said...

Loved all the pics of the kids. Gordon was so bummed that Lilly wasn't at choir tonight. He just couldn't fathom why she would be somewhere else :)

Jodi said...

Sounds like fun times. I can't even find time to blog with 2 kids, I can't imagine I'll be doing it at all with 3! And I agree, I don't think Eva looks much like Lilly.

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